Parking and Directions

Parking and directions Men’s parking is accessed via Section Road entrance. Women’s parking and entrance is accessed via driveway off of Farm Acres Drive. (Accessible parking is available for men and women in the women’s parking lot.) View Larger Map


Accessibility We would like your immersion experience to be pleasant and positive. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs. When you make your appointment, please inform us if you require any accessibility equipment or special assistance during your time at the mikveh facility.

The Facility

The Facility   “A spring or a cistern where there is a collection of water shall be pure.” (Vayikra 11:36) The waters of the mikveh are “living waters” and come from a natural source. The word mikveh means “collection” and refers to a pool or gathering of these “living waters”. Rivers, lakes, and even oceans…

Why Mikveh

Why Mikveh? Immersion in a mikveh facilitates the transition to a new spiritual status and sensitizes our bodies to a higher level of holiness. The transformative powers of the mikveh’s waters….A woman descends in a state of ritual impurity, and emerges pure. A convert descends a gentile, and emerges a Jew. From the bride or groom before…

Mikveh Immersion Procedure

Mikveh Immersion Procedure You will be greeted at the mikveh when you arrive for your immersion by one of our warm and friendly, trained mikveh attendants. The attendant will show you to your preparation room and will make sure you have everything you need to prepare for your immersion, including towels, a robe, and other…