The Facility

The Facility


“A spring or a cistern where there is a collection of water shall be pure.” (Vayikra 11:36)

The waters of the mikveh are “living waters” and come from a natural source. The word mikveh means “collection” and refers to a pool or gathering of these “living waters”. Rivers, lakes, and even oceans can be used as kosher mikvaot. Our mikvaot are filled with heated, filtered tap water and are directly connected to smaller pools of collected rainwater.

Before immersion, one must be scrupulously clean. This is because the mikveh’s waters are for spiritual purification only. Our mikveh features four beautiful, spacious preparation rooms for women. All rooms are gorgeously tiled, completely private, and have a spa like ambiance. Our bridal suite is extra luxurious and is also fully accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The men’s preparation area is in a separate section of the facility and features a beautifully tiled, fully accessible locker room area.

Our mikveh upholds the highest standards according to Jewish law.  The design of the rainwater pools (boros) is acceptable to all of the different segments of the mikveh using community as it includes both a “bor al gavei bor” and two side boros.  To view a diagram for the arrangement of boros please reference page 424 of Sefer Sha’arei Mikva’os by Rabbi Yissachar Ben Tziyon Chazan, in the Peirush Chai section.